This Is The Day

(b. hinson)

Many are the roads to choose
Many are the ways you can turn
Many are the songs you sing in your heart
Until you learn

One way is the heart that loves
One way is the soul on fire
One way is the road that leads you back home
That way, you know

This is the day
And I will sing
You got my heart
You have found me

Many are the ways you can know
Many are the ways you can go

Many are the loves you hold in your heart
Before you know

One way is the road that's higher
One way is that heart's desire
All that I know...

This is the day
And I will sing
You've got my heart
You have found me

He'll find you on the road you're walking
No matter where
That voice is calling
Yeah, Love will find you
Let me remind you
That the morning is on the way
Yeah, so sing out!
This is that day!

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Players - Restoration CD

Vocals - Brian Hinson
Background Vocals - Emily Wilson, Abbey and Amy Nunes, Madison Hinson
Guitars - Mark Schultz (Boy Wells), Chris Lucas, Curt Pollock, Robert Lynch, Eric Tambourine
Keys - Mike Beachy, Brian Hinson
Bass - Steve Wilson, Brian Hinson
Drums - Bruce Crump
Percussion - Alex Dompe (Handmade), Mark Bennet
Cello - Mark Holt
Melodica - Chris Lucas
Violin - Margaret Long
Voices: Anne Wilson, Shannon Easter
Photography - Ginny Norton
Production Assistance - Kevin Prosch, Tom Sullivan
Product Support - Robert and Ginny Norton

Core tracks recorded live at Countryside Church
Studio tracks added at Huntgate Woods Studio

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