The Story Goes On

(b. hinson)

Allison beyond the clouds
Allison's beyond the light
Allison begins to fly
Looks up at creation

You see the story goes on
Even after the love comes
Even after the light comes
Even after the love comes

Allison began to see today
While the world stood still by the lake
On the 5 o'clock news well they're saying that
The sun wont shine tomorrow
The records stores are closed
And the church doors have swung wide open
Why is no one coming in?

They're at Allison Lake
And they're burning all the bridges
They think it's too late
So they're carrying out the wood
At Allison Lake
They're manning all the watch-towers

But Alley flies
High above
Allison shines
Allison angel
Alley's so high
Alley's so high
Allison shines, shines, shines, shines, shines


At Allison Lake
There are some who started believing
The story goes on
And the truth now, you cant hide
Just look in your heart
There's a door to the one that saves you

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Brian Hinson - Vocals, Keys, Bass, SFX
Melissa Barlow - The voice of Alley
Robert Lynch - Guitars, background vocals and production assistance
Bruce Crump - Drums
Jonathan England - Drums on Forever Starts Today
Todd Sontag - Percussion on Forever Starts Today
Charlie Fink - Voices and lyric assistance
Consulting/Recording Assistance - Bill Lynch
Product Support: Rich Polek, Don and Robbin Halpaus

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