(b. hinson)

This is the day that you have made so I will sing

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Players - Restoration CD

Vocals - Brian Hinson
Background Vocals - Emily Wilson, Abbey and Amy Nunes, Madison Hinson
Guitars - Mark Schultz (Boy Wells), Chris Lucas, Curt Pollock, Robert Lynch, Eric Tambourine
Keys - Mike Beachy, Brian Hinson
Bass - Steve Wilson, Brian Hinson
Drums - Bruce Crump
Percussion - Alex Dompe (Handmade), Mark Bennet
Cello - Mark Holt
Melodica - Chris Lucas
Violin - Margaret Long
Voices: Anne Wilson, Shannon Easter
Photography - Ginny Norton
Production Assistance - Kevin Prosch, Tom Sullivan
Product Support - Robert and Ginny Norton

Core tracks recorded live at Countryside Church
Studio tracks added at Huntgate Woods Studio

Story of Today / Brian Hinson

There once was a boy who dreamed...