Not Alone

(b. hinson)

Something's turned inside
I can't sleep and I cant hide
You've waken me up, yeah that's so
From a sleep, I did not know
That I was sleeping
Then you shined that light
Now it's time for me to show

Now I know, that summer is coming
And I've been running
For a long time, for a long time

So we'll be fine, we'll fly
We'll just shine
Forever days
Can you see my face, Sunshine?
I'm beginning to erase
This last day

Now I know, that summer is coming
And someone's coming
And its been coming
For a long time, for a long time

Now Love has come
And made me high

I am not afraid
I will have no fear
This promise that you made
Is suddenly so clear

We are not alone.

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Brian Hinson - Vocals, Keys, Bass, SFX
Melissa Barlow - The voice of Alley
Robert Lynch - Guitars, background vocals and production assistance
Bruce Crump - Drums
Jonathan England - Drums on Forever Starts Today
Todd Sontag - Percussion on Forever Starts Today
Charlie Fink - Voices and lyric assistance
Consulting/Recording Assistance - Bill Lynch
Product Support: Rich Polek, Don and Robbin Halpaus

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