Higher Places (Moving On)

(b. hinson)

Before your name
Before you know me
Before your memories
And yes, your smiles
Before I love you's
Before beginnings
Now what comes after
Has been here before

I said, "I love you"
I gave you stories
I was right there
Where light would be
I breathed a new song
Breathed in your first breath
Now stretch out your hands
And open the door

We're moving on
On to places
Where higher love
Completes all spaces

We're moving on
On up to higher places
Bring all your love
Bring all your love
Bring all your love
Bring all your love

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Brian Hinson - Vocals, Keys, Bass, SFX
Melissa Barlow - The voice of Alley
Robert Lynch - Guitars, background vocals and production assistance
Bruce Crump - Drums
Jonathan England - Drums on Forever Starts Today
Todd Sontag - Percussion on Forever Starts Today
Charlie Fink - Voices and lyric assistance
Consulting/Recording Assistance - Bill Lynch
Product Support: Rich Polek, Don and Robbin Halpaus

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