"Allison's Leaving"

(b. hinson)

Alley went down
To the river's edge
Knelt down right there, you know
Came right into focus
Said, "Jesus, can I go
up where the angels know
Oh, dont leave me here below
Take me into the sky"

Alley, they say
Looked into the big sky
She's not there today, no
Why's nobody know why
She lived by the mountain
She lived on the mountain
She lived in a straight line
Straight into the sky (and into the sun)

They say there's a door
And you can just walk right through
That you'll know when you're ready
Alley knew she was ready
And she never looked quite so beautiful
As she did leaving
Leaving today, today
Allison's leaving today

(If you're ready, I'll tell it now, the story of today)


Brian Hinson - Vocals, Keys, Bass, SFX
Melissa Barlow - The voice of Alley
Robert Lynch - Guitars, background vocals and production assistance
Bruce Crump - Drums
Jonathan England - Drums on Forever Starts Today
Todd Sontag - Percussion on Forever Starts Today
Charlie Fink - Voices and lyric assistance
Consulting/Recording Assistance - Bill Lynch
Product Support: Rich Polek, Don and Robbin Halpaus

Story of Today / Brian Hinson

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