The Painters Decelerate CD Cover

The Painters - Decelerate

Robert Lynch - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Brian Hinson - Piano, Bass, Vocals
Jon England - Percussion, Vocals

"Simple and straight forward like the most delicate flower in the field, The Painters' fine project bursts with beautiful melodies and uncluttered arrangements designed for peaceful times. Decelerate buy CD music Lyrically the songs question the mysteries of love and life with a certain weary wisdom that is more thoughtful than melancholy. Decelerate songs Robert Lynch's lead vocals are appropriately hushed and urgent, and the fine backing harmonies of pianist Brian Hinson and percussionist Jonathan England recall some of The Beatles' finest "Abbey Road" hours. Produced for contemplative times, "decelerate" is an excellent recording, and any fan of well-played and well-written adult pop-rock should give this a listen."
Ames Arnold, "Style Weekly Magazine"

"The Painters use a large palette of very subtle shades to create an album of surprising variety for the careful listener. Decelerate CD music Definitely 10 songs worth slowing down for."
Jefferson Hemmings, "9x Magazine"

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