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Latest Album, 2020
Brian Hinson / Story of Today

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FAMILY - The new album from Brian Hinson / Story of Today is a gift back to community.

"Two of the most powerful forces in the universe are love and gratitude. Out of a deep and tangled brook, Brian Hinson has emerged, carrying another 'Story of Today' project into the light, a CD full of new recordings inspired by his love for the songs and gratitude to the songwriters who give voice to our common struggles. In ‘Family’, along with original compositions, Brian has added new and different beauty to stories and journeys that will be familiar to listeners of Jon Foreman, Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips and other artists (including Brian himself), whose creations explore our spirituality and the hard road through life that God can help us navigate. These songs, songwriters, and the musicians, along with a multitude of behind-the-sound supporters, all make up Story of Today's 'Family'.

Brian has spent the last 13 years sharing much of his time and talent with Northstar Community, a small, Richmond area ‘recovery church’ filled with huge, giving hearts. The folks at Northstar have repaid Brian with the kind of encouragement an artist and musician can only dream of. This encouragement has made the work of creating “Family” possible. The new Album is a gift back to the kind people who have made it possible."   - Steve Wilson

Thank you to all the players and singers who helped make this CD a reality - Brian Hinson, Chris Lucas, Ron Sada, Madison Hinson, Robert Lynch, Scott McBean, Steve Wilson, Jon Mills, Bruce Crump, Mark Holt, Kathryn Orlosky, Emily Wilson, Gabi Easter, Mike Johnson, Todd Sontag, Zoe Sontag, Mike Beachy, Mark Schultz, Alex Dompe, Ria Khandpur, Lori Hinson, Karen Gregory, Charlie Fink, Nancy, Jaden and Kyle Crump.

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