Bruce Crump at the Drums

Bruce Crump
(1957 – 2015)
Brother-in-law and drummer extraordinaire. Bruce drummed and brought the magic on "Restoration" and "Through the Light" CDs

Story of Today

Story of Today is the ongoing song-writing and recording music project of Brian Hinson and Friends.

Contributors to Story of Today music projects have included: Vocals: Brian Hinson, Melissa Barlow, Emily Wilson, Ginny Norton, Steve Wilson - Guitars: Robert Lynch, Mark Schultz (Boy Wells), Chris Lucas, Scott McBean, Ron Sada, Curt Pollock, Eric Tambourine - Bass: BH, Steve Wilson - Drums/Percussion: Bruce Crump, Jon England, Todd Sontag, Madison Hinson, Alex Dompe - Keys: Brian Hinson, Mike Beachy - Cello: Mark Holt - Violin: Margaret Long - Melodica: Chris Lucas - Voices: Charlie Fink, Madison, Abbey, Amy and Gabriel, Anne Wilson, Shannon Easter - Photography: Ginny Norton - Support: Rich Polek, Don and Robin Halpaus, Charlie Fink, Tom & Pam Shaw, Robert & Ginny Norton

Story of Today - Through the Light - CD Cover
Story of Today - Restoration - CD Cover
Story of Today - Signs Along the Highway - CD Cover
The Painters - Decelerate - CD Cover