Story of Today is the music of Brian Hinson and Friends

STORY OF TODAY is an ongoing studio recording project centered around the musical narrative of singer/songwriter Brian Hinson.‍‍

Contributors to Story of Today have included: Vocals: Brian Hinson, Emily Wilson, Gabi Easter, Melissa Barlow, Ginny Norton, Steve Wilson - Guitars: Ron Sada, Robert Lynch, Mark Schultz (Boy Wells), Chris Lucas, Scott McBean, Curt Pollock, Eric Tambourine - Bass: Steve Wilson, Brian- Drums/Percussion: Bruce Crump, Madison Hinson, Jonathan England, Todd Sontag, Alex Dompe, Jon Mills, Mike Johnson, Zoe Sontag - Keys: Mike Beachy, Brian - Cello: Mark Holt - Violin: Margaret Long, Kathryn Orlosky - Melodica: Chris Lucas - Voices: Charlie Fink, Abbey, Amy and Gabriel, Anne Wilson, Shannon Easter, Karen Gregory - Photography: Ginny Norton - Support: Rich Polek, Don and Robin Halpaus, Charlie Fink, Tom & Pam Shaw, Robert & Ginny Norton

Hello and thanks for dropping by! My name is Brian Hinson and I create music as STORY OF TODAY. I love songs that explore the story of our lives. Music for me is a type of spiritual transaction, and so it is natural that when I set to the work of writing and recording, I am instinctively drawn to those themes. The latest release - "Family" is that expression through this season of my life.

Thanks for listening,
Brian Hinson


Brian Hinson / Story of Today

Brian started his music career in Richmond, VA with The Limit, touring the East Coast playing over 200 shows a year and ultimately winning Best Unsigned Band (DC 101).  The Limit released “Eyes for You” and enjoyed East Coast airplay, sharing the stage with numerous national acts, including Eddie Money, Joan Jett, Robin Trower, Hoodoo Gurus, The Producers, Patti Smyth and ELP. Hinson moved on to record and tour with The Boneshakers (“Oh So Black”, Cellar Door Records), with regional air play (“In A Heartbeat”). The Boneshakers were also featured on MTV Basement Tapes. Brian’s production and session work with The Painters ("Decelerate") was well received critically and gained the attention of Interscope records. He has also scored multiple pieces for live dance and theatre, and provided soundtracks for various film projects.

As Story of Today, Brian has released three full albums to date “Through the Light”, “Restoration” & "Family" featuring Bruce Crump (Molly Hatchet), Mark Schultz (Boy Wells), Robert Lynch (The Painters), Ron Sada, Chris Lucas, Mark Holt, Jonathan England, Madison Hinson, and many other amazing players and friends through the years.

A new Story of Today album project is soon underway  ("A New Way To Begin").   The first single "This Love This Love" is available now everywhere.

Listener Reviews

“One of my favorite CDs of all time :)"

"Lots of influences including early Elton John, Pink Floyd, Beatles... but in the end, unique. Headphones on and a rainy car ride or evening”

“This one's a keeper! I have read a lot about what influences can be heard in this music, and there is a lot of truth to the comparisons. I felt more of a sense of inspiration than influence."

"This CD is a rare find, and is tough to put away. Great stuff!”

"The music made me laugh and made me cry, it brought joy to my soul. What an incredible gift.”

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